Ever Wondered How To Use Treatments or Hair Masks!?

Confused about how long to keep a hair mask or treatment on your hair for? Or why do you even need to bother with using them? Well it all depends on what kind of treatment you are using and what kind of treatment your hair needs!!

Hair treatments/masks are brilliant for replenishing your dry or colour treated hair. Thats a double whammy of damage that requires some serious moisture!!

Young woman looking at split ends. Damaged long hair

Masks along with treatments will stop your hair feeling like straw, repair your hair and smooth it down without weighing it down.

There are 3 simple tips to make sure you get the full benefit out of your product

1. Apply your hair mask/treatment between shampoo and conditioner.

2. Concentrate on the mid lenghts and ends of your hair.

3. Comb your treatment through with a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser to distribute the product, once your time is up, rinse and apply your conditioner.


Struggling to find out how long to leave the treatment on for?

It is important to follow the instructions on the bottle, but if they are not clear follow these timings as a rule.

Protein Treatments/Masks= 10 minutes

If you have coloured or damaged hair, be careful with protein treatments. Follow the instructions on the product as a general rule, never leave them on longer than 10 minutes.

Pay attention when using protein on dry or danaged hair, over use of the product can make hair brittle and cause more damage.

It is recommended to do a protein treatment once a week or once a fortnight.

download (5)We Recommend-

Caviar Repair RX Fix & Fill Treatment Masque-

A deeply reparative treatment masque that nourishes and and strengthens, improving elasticity, manageability and leaving hair soft, shiny and completely restored.

Hydrating Treatments/Masks= 5-20 minutes

Moisturising treatments can be left on your hair for any length of time, but after a certain time¬†don’t get any more benefits from the product.

Use hydrating moisture treatments for 5-20 minutes but still do follow the manufactures timings.

You can do¬†moisture treatments for an hour or overnight, but you’ll get almost the same benefits as doing it for just 20 minutes. A quick tip is to do them in the shower as often as you feel but once a week or fortnight do a full treatment and really let your hair soak up all the products goodness!

alte0124h_1_mWe Recommend-

Bamboo Kendi Intense Moisture Masque-

This deeply penetrating intense treatment nurtures frazzled strands, making each one feel smooth and sleek while eliminating frizz. Leaves hair healthier, smoother and more manageable after just one use.

If you are still confused about the whole do i need a treatment? What treatment should I use? Which one will benefit my hair and lifestyle more? You are more than welcome to come into the salon for a consultation with one of our team members or why not even treat yourself and your hair when you next visit us and ask for an in salon treatment. We will explain what we are using and why we have chosen that product for you, and you have a choice of either a 5 minute backwash treatment or a 10 minute steam treatment.

Call us now on 01257 231114 to book in with one of our exciting team members.


So sit back and enjoy a relaxing head massage !

Stay One Plait Ahead

Make a statement with boho braids this year. Quick and easy to do, whether you are attending a wedding or a festival this year or even just for an everyday look , braids are a fun versatile style for any occasion, and they look great!

There are many different styles of braids that have made it on the runway for this summer, the low maintenance aspect of this hairdo makes it an ongoing favourite.

becomegorgeous images (11)

Hairline plaits gets your hair off your face so you can stay cool, but look HOT!

Draw a deep side parting and create a not-so-perfect plait or french braid across your hairline, pull out the plait slightly to create a chunky, fuller looking braid before securing with a pin.

become-gorgeous2images (10)

Or just add a few spontaneous braids to your lengths and¬†add relaxed beach waves before your travels. An easy style in just a few minutes and it has the added advantage of being able to work for a day or two without being washed and restyled ‚Äď perfect for those camping out at the weekend or at a festival.

Bamboo Beach Collection

Sexy Summer Hair, On Or Off The Beach


Keep your hair looking FAB whilst away on your jollies, or just simply spending time outside.

The NEW Bamboo Beach range will have your hair looking glam while caring for your hairs nutritional needs in hot sun!

Summer Sun-kissed Smooth protects hair from harmful UV rays whilst smoothing flyaways and enhancing shine.

Summer Sun Shine Spray protective UV shine veil which helps combat damage from the sun, pool and saltwater.

Summer Sun Recovery Spray relieves¬†your sun parched hair instantly improving it’s moisture, nourishment and manageability.

Summer Ocean Waves instantly adds texture to your hair giving you summer beach waves without stripping your hair of moisture.

They all smell amazing, and do amazing jobs, but which one will be your favorite??