Cloud 9 Heated Styling


As the creator of the original straightening iron, Cloud Nine provides professional hair styling products to en
able the creation of infinite styles.

Each of the straighteners in the Cloud Nine portfolio features intelligent temperature control technology allowing you to create a sleek, shiny finish through kinder styling.

C9 L1 A white

How annoying is it when your styling your hair and the wire ends up in a spiral, well that doesn’t happen with the Cloud Nine swivel cord. The cord pivots whichever way you are moving making styling stress free!


Experience ultimate styling freedom with the 360º degree swivel cord and the mineral infused ceramic plates slide effortlessly through the hair giving a highly polished and beautifully conditioned style.


The plates are super smooth and the ceramic plates are mineral-infused, this means you can achieve the same styling results without the temperature being sky high. The irons also have floating plates which cushions the impact when styling, causing much less pulling and pinching.


This is probably the best technology Cloud Nine use throughout their range, allowing you to control the temperature of the styling tool equaling much healthier hair! You would be surprised how low you can have the heat and still get the exact same effect!


Cloud Nine use a Ceramic Heat Element technology that ensures an even distribution of heat through each plate. Basically this means right to each corner, the plates are always an even temperature so every section of hair is heated up evenly.


No longer do you need to panic about your straighteners burning a hole in your carpet! Cloud Nine irons switch themselves off after  30 minutes of no activity, even quicker for the Cloud 9 Touch, a rapid 30 seconds!

Ever Wondered How To Use Treatments or Hair Masks!?

Confused about how long to keep a hair mask or treatment on your hair for? Or why do you even need to bother with using them? Well it all depends on what kind of treatment you are using and what kind of treatment your hair needs!!

Hair treatments/masks are brilliant for replenishing your dry or colour treated hair. Thats a double whammy of damage that requires some serious moisture!!

Young woman looking at split ends. Damaged long hair

Masks along with treatments will stop your hair feeling like straw, repair your hair and smooth it down without weighing it down.

There are 3 simple tips to make sure you get the full benefit out of your product

1. Apply your hair mask/treatment between shampoo and conditioner.

2. Concentrate on the mid lenghts and ends of your hair.

3. Comb your treatment through with a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser to distribute the product, once your time is up, rinse and apply your conditioner.


Struggling to find out how long to leave the treatment on for?

It is important to follow the instructions on the bottle, but if they are not clear follow these timings as a rule.

Protein Treatments/Masks= 10 minutes

If you have coloured or damaged hair, be careful with protein treatments. Follow the instructions on the product as a general rule, never leave them on longer than 10 minutes.

Pay attention when using protein on dry or danaged hair, over use of the product can make hair brittle and cause more damage.

It is recommended to do a protein treatment once a week or once a fortnight.

download (5)We Recommend-

Caviar Repair RX Fix & Fill Treatment Masque-

A deeply reparative treatment masque that nourishes and and strengthens, improving elasticity, manageability and leaving hair soft, shiny and completely restored.

Hydrating Treatments/Masks= 5-20 minutes

Moisturising treatments can be left on your hair for any length of time, but after a certain time don’t get any more benefits from the product.

Use hydrating moisture treatments for 5-20 minutes but still do follow the manufactures timings.

You can do moisture treatments for an hour or overnight, but you’ll get almost the same benefits as doing it for just 20 minutes. A quick tip is to do them in the shower as often as you feel but once a week or fortnight do a full treatment and really let your hair soak up all the products goodness!

alte0124h_1_mWe Recommend-

Bamboo Kendi Intense Moisture Masque-

This deeply penetrating intense treatment nurtures frazzled strands, making each one feel smooth and sleek while eliminating frizz. Leaves hair healthier, smoother and more manageable after just one use.

If you are still confused about the whole do i need a treatment? What treatment should I use? Which one will benefit my hair and lifestyle more? You are more than welcome to come into the salon for a consultation with one of our team members or why not even treat yourself and your hair when you next visit us and ask for an in salon treatment. We will explain what we are using and why we have chosen that product for you, and you have a choice of either a 5 minute backwash treatment or a 10 minute steam treatment.

Call us now on 01257 231114 to book in with one of our exciting team members.


So sit back and enjoy a relaxing head massage !

One night hightlights

check out the video below to see how you can get highlights instantly with no commitment when you get bored you wash them out and get a new colour ….

Available now in salon or to take home comes in 3 colours sweet caramel,Ravishing Red and shimmering blonde only £29.99


Katie Holmes joins Alterna haircare


In a world press release this week it has been announced that Katie Holmes has joined Alterna Hair care

Please watch the video below to see some of the products and how Katie feels about alterna how it has changed her hair …………………… you can experience this feeling too the full range of alterna haircare is available in Northcotes hair salon so come on change the way your hair feels pick up the phone and make the change for beautiful Hair 01257 231114.

Cloud 9 Iron exchange


£20 Off* with the Cloud Nine XChange

Simply trade in any of your old styling products to get £20 off our award winning Original Cloud Nine Styling Iron or The Wide Iron.

The cutting edge Iron range from Cloud Nine, featuring one touch temperature control and our secret ingredient for maximum shine

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All Colour 30% off Mondays

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Re-touch colour £21.70              Full Head foils £37.10


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