Multi-award winning HOT TOOLS 24K GOLD CURLING IRONS are designed for stylists who demand the very best in hair styling.

HOT TOOLS is an established iconic, professional hair styling tool brand from the USA, which celebrates over 25 years of creating bold, beautiful hairstyles. the multi-award winning styling tools have been developed for professional stylists to help them design, create and maintain styles everywhere high-performance hair tools are needed, delivering peak results in salons, at fashion shows and of course for you at home.

HOT TOOLS 24K GOLD CURLING IRONS come in 5 different sizes-

Each curling iron has pulse technology for fast, consistent heat up. Controlled heat/sleep mode. Extra long cool tip and thumb grip for easier professional styling. Worldwide voltage for freedom to use whilst travelling. Professional 3 metre swivel cable for tangle free styling. 1 year guarantee.

HOT TOOLS CURL BAR IRON comes in 2 different sizes-

The HOT TOOLS CURL BAR IRON is designed to set the ‘bar’ as the newest, most innovative curling iron in the professional salon industry. The curl bar is ergonomically angled and uniquely shaped like a ‘7’ which offers ‘a new angle on curls’. The curling irons shape helps achieve beautiful, long-lasting curls or waves in seconds without strain on the wrist, shoulder or elbow.  The 90 degree angled design allows hair to be wrapped from root to tip easily keeping the arm in a natural position and allowing easy left to right hand transition.

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If you haven’t heard or used Olaplex yet you are missing out!! IT IS AMAZING! You can add it to your hair colour service, have an in salon stand alone treatment or do it yourself at home.

Olaplex is a 3-part hair repair system, not just another hair conditioning treatment. In fact, the word “conditioning” isn’t in the description.

It’s a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair, that are broken during a chemical service or any heat application. If you’ve over processed your hair over the years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair.

Step 1: OLAPLEX NUMBER 1 is a bond multiplier, which is used can be put on the hair as a stand alone treatment or if you’re getting your colour done, it is mixed in with the colour before application.

Step 2: OLAPLEX NUMBER 2 bond perfecter is then applied onto the hair once the colour had been rinsed out. It is then left on the hair for a minimum 10 minutes. To get the most benefits out of it we recommend leaving Olaplex No2 on for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: OLAPLEX NUMBER 3 is where you start to take things into your own hands at home. The third step, is the hair perfecter take home treatment. Apply to dry or slightly damp, unwashed hair, making sure all hair is covered, combing through each section, then just leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes again, but we suggest leaving it on over night, then wash your hair as normal and apply a moisture treatment to make your newly repaired hair feel fantastic!






Wash you hair in the Harmony Intense Moisture Shampoo (make sure you work the product in your hands before applying to wet hair) give it 2 shampoo’s to ensure any dirt build up had been scrubbed away.

Then apply the Harmony Intense Moisture Treatment (about a thumbnail size) to your mid-lengths and ends, comb through and give yourself a little head massage to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. Leave on for anything over 5 mins and rinse off.

Towel dry your hair, and apply a small amount of Velvet Nourishing Oil to your mid-lengths and ends and comb through spreading the product out evenly. This will make your hair feel silky soft, frizz-free and moisturised.

Before blow-drying, also apply a pea size amount of the Silk Blow-drying Balm, this will help you smooth out your hair, puts an ends to tangles and those annoying little flyaways, creating manageable sleek  hair.

Now if you do feel the need to use your irons after you’ve dried your hair, then PLEASE PLEASE use heat protection! This puts a barrier over the hair, blocking out some of the heat from the appliance, but still giving you the full benefit of the heated tool. We love Guard Heat Protection, it’s lightweight, smells amazing, and gives you added shine.

So there you have it.. 5 luxury affordable products, that will transform your hair  after just one use! You will love them.


Kent Salon is a dynamic collection of 17 brushes made by Kent, the oldest brush company in the world and to be sold directly to salons and never on the High street.

The Kent Salon product range… perfect for luxury Christmas gifts

Kent Salon Ceramicsceramics

The metal heads of our ceramic brushes are coated with a durable, specially developed ceramic coating, which has the capability to heat up quickly enabling these brushes to distribute heat more evenly and hold heat for longer, resulting in faster blow drying and quicker, more accurate styling. There are 4 sizes with diameters to match the choices of stylists to enable work on all hair lengths. Curling or straightening, the nylon tufts will grip hair for as long as required and then release without snagging.

Kent Salon Curling & Straightening Brushes


Supreme grip with total control is what you’ll experience with these natural bristle and nylon curling and straightening brushes. Rows of short-tuft natural boar bristle arranged with pin-point accuracy grip the hair brilliantly whilst giving hair a natural lustre and shine. The more pronounced rows of ultra-thin heat-proof nylon help lift and release the hair for perfect curling or straightening.

Kent Salon Paddle Brushes


Two full size paddles with the options of either fine ball ended quill for grooming and straightening, or fat rounded quill for fantastic detangling, and brushing through wet hair. Also, two narrow paddles, slimmed down versions of the very same brushes have been designed for shorter hair lengths and are perfect as part of your travel kit when space is at a premium.

Kent Salon Styling & Detail Brushes


The extensive range of Kent Salon Styling and Detail brushes are designed to turn the hair into something special, be it root up-lift, blow-drying hair straight, dressing out or pushing the boundaries of avant-garde experimentation. Indispensable tools for anyone who wants to create fantastic hair!


OLAPLEX Now Available At Northcotes


OLAPLEX reconstructs the hair internally by linking the broken disulfide bonds. In doing do this new technology allows us to fix hair to the point where it could actually be coloured or lightened again that prior to this development we would not of even touched.

download (14)

This is entirely new chemistry allowing us to actually repair the hair due to chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. Never before have we been able to truly repair hair. The primary reason for this is because bonds are being repaired as they are being broken. This has dramatically changed EVERYTHING!

Excited yet?

Ask your stylist about it.. why not take your colour to the next level with OLAPLEX?!

Cloud Nine



Straighteners that think!

Discover The Irons…

downloadFrom the original founder of GHD, Cloud 9 brings you the best in hair straightening innovation. Each of their irons features intelligent temperature control technology to give you a sleek, shiny finish and kinder styling.

images (4)

Cloud 9 have signature mineral infused ceramic plates which will leave a healthy finish whilst the 360 degrees swivel card allows ultimate hair freedom to create a range of styles.

Cloud Nine tools are equipped with a MiCOM (MicroComputer) controlled heating system.

cloud 9 dCloud 9 irons ‘think’ for themselves, adjusting temperature according to the thermal sensor’s calculations.

MiCom control is combined with Ceramic Heat Element technology found in all Cloud Nine styling tools to ensure a completely even temperature across the entire super-smooth, mineral-infused, ceramic surface.


Cloud 9 Iron exchange


£20 Off* with the Cloud Nine XChange

Simply trade in any of your old styling products to get £20 off our award winning Original Cloud Nine Styling Iron or The Wide Iron.

The cutting edge Iron range from Cloud Nine, featuring one touch temperature control and our secret ingredient for maximum shine

So call into Northcotes Hair with any old electrical styler to upgrade to a new cloud 9 iron only £109 with your £20 off. offer ends 31st March 2013